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Launching new products with interactive virtual reality event activations

Total Parco, an industry leading oil company based in South Asia, was looking for a fresh and interesting way to help launch a new line of automotive motor oil: Quartz Robo. Engaging consumers in a memorable way and building strong brand recall, were just two of the company’s goals with the product launch. Turning to the power of VR, the company was able to create one of their most successful in-person brand activations ever!


Create a brand activation that engages with consumers and leaves a lasting positive association with Total Parco’s new product line.


Design and develop an interactive VR experience that allows users to engage with the new Quartz Robo product line in a fun and memorable way.


The VR experience ended up being one of the most successful in-person brand activations in the company’s history.

Total Parco Event Attendee

"Wow, this feels like I am actually holding a wrench in my hand! I’ve never experienced something like this before."

-Jasmine A., Total Parco Event Attendee
"Wow, this feels like I am actually holding a wrench in my hand! I’ve never experienced something like this before." -Jasmine A., Total Parco Event Attendee
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Why Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality allows users to be fully immersed in a story, game or experience, creating deep-seated memories and long-lasting brand associations. In addition, by leveraging VR in a public setting (shopping malls in this case), brand ambassadors can easily create ‘buzz’ and excitement around the VR experience itself. Total Parco did a fantastic job combining these two factors, driving real results with their in-person VR event activation.

Interactive Storytelling 

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Creative Direction

Working alongside Total Parco and their agency of record (AOR), CM&D helped create an immersive storyline and game mechanic that allowed consumers to engage with the brand on a whole new level. The final experience gave users the ability to ‘try the products’ in a gamified virtual setting while at the same time competing for points in a timed, puzzle-like brand experience.

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Experience Design

Creating ‘worlds’ that connect with users is just one way to help build an engaging, memorable VR brand experience. CM&D work with the brand to build an entire Total Parco World. From 3D car models to gas stations and even region-specific food carts, the two teams worked together to create a branded VR environment consumers won’t be quick to forget.

Immersive Development

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Virtual Reality

CM&D handled all VR development of the activation including, but not limited to: environmental design, 3D modeling, Unity development, visual effects, game-mechanic design, and more. This final experience was designed to run on both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive virtual reality systems.


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Distribution Strategy & Development

To help ensure Total Parco got the most out of their new VR experience, CM&D assisted in rolling out the campaign across some of South Asia’s most popular shopping malls. From helping select the proper VR headsets to on-sight TV streaming and even helping train brand ambassadors, the two companies worked together to create an in-person VR activation that left consumers in awe and helped drive brand awareness to a whole new level.



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