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Identify, diagnose, and treat a rare and deadly blood disorder in virtual reality

aTTP is a rare and deadly blood disorder. Left untreated it has a mortality rate of roughly 90%. Sanofi recently developed a new drug that can dramatically reduce these shocking numbers. To help inform and educate doctors on this new life-saving treatment, McCann Health New Jersey and CM&D teamed up to create an immersive experience that gives physicians the opportunity to practice identifying, diagnosing, and treating this deadly disease in virtual reality.


Educate doctors about a rare and deadly blood disorder while communicating the benefits of a new life-saving drug.


Develop an interactive VR experience that allows physicians to practice identifying, diagnosing, and treating in a zero-consequence environment.


An award-winning choose-your-own-adventure-style VR experience that engages and educates doctors.  

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Why 360 Video + VR?

360° video can immerse users in real-life scenarios that might otherwise be inconceivable, generating empathy and embodiment. Whereas virtual reality adds a layer of interactivity not inherently possible with linear video. By combining these two forms of immersive technology, CM&D was able to help Sanofi create an engaging sales tool that allows doctors to feel what it’s like to be a patient while also providing autonomy to make their own decisions about the right diagnosis and treatment of a rare disease.

John S. – Sanofi

"Our Chief Creative Officer and Creative Director really liked the final product! Loved the story and the emotion. We are going to be submitting the VR experience to a bunch of awards shows. It was well produced and very logical to use."

-John S., Senior Producer. McCann Health
"Our Chief Creative Officer and Creative Director really liked the final product! Loved the story and the emotion. We are going to be submitting the VR experience to a bunch of awards shows. It was well produced and very logical to use." -John S., Senior Producer. McCann Health

Interactive Storytelling 

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Creative Direction

McCann Health, Sanofi’s agency of record, approached CM&D with a solid script and idea of what they wanted to create but were looking for some VR expertise to help turn the project into something really special. The two teams worked together to transform the script into a comprehensive branching narrative with four unique outcomes. CM&D also provided overall creative direction for 360 filming, talent casting, location scouting, set design, and developed detailed storyboards laying out the entire experience in detail.

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Experience Design

In addition to the 360 filming components of the experience, the project also required the creation of a detailed user interface to support the multiple branching narratives. CM&D worked closely with the digital design team at McCann to design and develop a complex, yet simple to use, digital interface. The final system supports more than sixteen individual video segments, presents complex medical information to the end user, and has integrated data tracking features, all while providing an easy-to-use final user experience.

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Immersive Brand Strategy

Understanding how end users will engage with your VR project before beginning development is key when hoping to produce a valuable final experience. In addtion to designing a user data capture and management system that provides real-time information to presenting salespeople, CM&D also advised McCann and Sanofi on the optimal VR hardware and software solutions to support the final experience. The final solution was designed to integrate seamlessly with the company’s current sales strategy.

Immersive Development

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360 Video

CM&D provided all required 360 video production services necessary to complete the project, including but not limited to cinematic VR cameras and filming crew, a custom wheelchair camera mount, professional acting talent, creative direction, set design, hair makeup and wardrobe services, on-site support, and more. The production team consisted of more than thirty-five individuals with filming taking place over three days.

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Virtual Reality

With the filming portion of the project complete, the team turned their attention to developing the virtual reality framework that would support the immersive video components. Leveraging the professionally designed user interface completed earlier, the final VR simulation provided a choose-your-own-adventure style experience where users (practicing physicians) are able to practice identifying, diagnosing, and treating the rare and life-threatening blood disorder, aTTP. Based on the decisions users make throughout the experience, they are presented with one of four separate outcomes at the completion of the simulation.


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Back-End Support & Database Development

It is almost impossible to know what someone in a VR headset is experiencing from the outside. This was particularly problematic for Sanofi as the final experience was designed to be part of an in-person sales pitch. To help better inform and prepare the presenting sales associate with the information they need to have an intelligent and engaging conversation, CM&D developed a web-based user data tracking and display system that gives these associates real-time information about what decisions doctors are making inside of the headset. At the conclusion of the experience, sales team members know what diagnosis and treatment options were selected, as well as what medical documents and information were viewed by the doctor.

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Distribution Strategy & Development

With the core VR experience complete, CM&D helped to procure and set up more than forty-five of the latest VR headsets and get them distributed to sales associates spread out across the US. CM&D also supported a live demonstration where the experience was presented to the entire sales force at the company’s largest annual gathering.

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Analytics & Performance Optimization

Lastest, to help ensure maximum value is realized from the experience over time, CM&D implemented a mobile device management solution and is providing monthly user data reports. These reports consist of application activity, average time spent in the simulations, top-performing users, and more. The mobile device management solution was provided by ManageXR.


Bronze Medal

2022 New York Festival Advertising Awards

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