360 Video Production

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We offer complete turn-key 360 video production services covering everything from creative development and pre-production through post-production and beyond. Where you’re looking to create that next great virtual tour or film a live-action commercial, we have you covered!

What Is 360 Video?

Also known as VR video, 360-degree video is spherical or round video that allows your users to ‘look around’ in any direction. 360 video can be viewed on a VR headset like the Oculus Go or Google Cardboard for a fully immersive experience or shared broadly across the web for viewing on smartphones. 360 videos can also be easily uploaded to social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, or embedded in websites. Curious to learn how this differs from virtual reality? Click here to learn about VR production.

And How Do You Use It?

360 videos a great option if you’re looking to transport your audience to a different location or give users a more immersive experience. Immersive content can also provide far better engagement rates versus 2D video when deployed properly. 360 video has a wide range of applications including travel, education, marketing and advertising, corporate training, real estate, social media and more. Interested in learning more about 360 video production, check out this blog post.

360 Video Production Services

Creative brainstorm meeting at CMD office in Austin, TX.

Creative Development

We begin each project by taking the time to get to know our clients and their needs. Leveraging years of experience creating high-quality 360 video content, we help flush out the most compelling story to tell.

Drawing storyboards for a 360 video project


Next, we work hand-in-hand with your team to build a robust plan to bring the story to life and keep everyone up to speed throughout the entire production process. Our preproduction services include scriptwriting, storyboarding, talent casting, location scouting and more.

Adjusting mic during 360 video shoot in Belfast, Ireland


Our turnkey 360 video production services give your team all the tools they need to successfully complete any VR video project including, access to professional crew, VR cameras and equipment, actors and support staff, live streaming and more.

Editing 360 video on macbook pro


No project would be complete without taking the time to assemble the filmed assets and make the final touches. Our post-production services include video editing, motion graphics, 3D-stereoscopic, color correction, compositing and more.

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