The History of the Donut…Hole

Donuts first arrived in America thanks to some early Dutch settlers looking to strike it rich in the new world. But these early donuts were not like we know donuts to be today. They were round balls of dough fried in pork fat with nuts and fruit and the like on the inside. The reason they filled these early donuts, was because no matter how they cook them on the outside, they can never get the core of the donut to cook all the way and it was always a little gooey. 

traditional dutch oil cakes

Now the Dutch didn’t just sell their oilcakes, as they call them on the streets, they also made them for their families and friends as a breakfast meal. One particular Dutch woman by the name of Mary Gregory would make fresh hot oilcakes for her son Hansen every day. Now Hansen was the captain of a fishing vessel. Legend has that one morning Henson was headed out into the bay to do some fishing and got caught in a sudden storm. He needed both hands to steer his ship but he sure as heck wasn’t going to toss his mom’s delicious hot fresh breakfast treat she made him. So what at Hansen do? He slammed that oilcake down on top of one of the shafts of his ship steering wheel popping that gooey center clean out! 

Captain Gregory Hanson inventing the donut via his ships steering wheel

Once the storm settled, Hansen took that now donut, back off of the steering wheel and finished his breakfast. He went home and told his mother Mary of his newfound invention and how to make the oilcake into the perfect morning treat. And so, the donut with the hole was born. 

Captain Gregory Hanson

In honor of our friend the captain, Mr. Hanson Gregory, the inventor of the modern-day donut, we are excited to announce a brand new video series starting next month that will help keep you up to speed on all the latest and greatest in the virtual and augmented reality industry. 

Happy National Donut Day and welcome to The Donut Shop.

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