The Golden Donut

The Golden Donut you say? What the…!?

Each year we painstakingly taste test donuts from the top-rated donut shop in Austin, TX. All for the sake of very serious science and to crown the annual Golden Donut Winner.

Why you ask? Food brings people together, and we believe business shouldn’t be any different. We scour Austin for the best donuts, the best bakers putting the most passion into the art, and we reward them for it.

At CM&D we start every new client meeting with the best damn chocolate milk & donuts money we can get our hands-on, and want to reward the people that make that possible.

Three years running Howdy Donut on South Congress has taken home the prize. If you make it by for a few sweet treats, tell them we said hi!

Life’s short, let’s enjoy y’all!

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