Reservoir Broads

Seven elder criminal women discuss big d****, tipping etiquette, and generally get under each other’s skin in this re-envisioned take on Tarantino’s classic opening of “Reservoir Dogs”.

What would happen if you took a classic film that radically failed the Bechdel Test and swapped out men for women into the cast? What if that film had the raunch and wit of Tarantino? And so it is that Quentin gets a makeover. Reimagining Tarantino’s classic opening scene of “Reservoir Dogs” in VR brings a whole new dynamic when older women inhabit the world of America’s most offbeat writer/director.

Film Produced by Chocolate Milk & Donuts, in association with Icarus Buring and 360 Studios

Written by Quentin Tarantino (Adaptation made by Wes Evans)

Directed by Wes Evans

Produced by Shaggy Welsh and Ricky Holm


  • Jessica Arjet as Ms. Brown
  • JoAnn Vickers Wilburn as Ms. Blonde
  • Kathy Rose Center as Joy
  • Loraelei Temoney as Ms. Orange
  • Linda Bradshaw as Nice Gal Edie
  • Kiki Teague as Ms. White
  • Cynthia Fray as Ms. Pink

Director of Photography Andrew Barrera

Audio Engineer and Sound Mix by Alex Chod

Edited by Charles Pearce

VR Direction & Camera Operation by Ricky Holm

Associate Producer Alli Holland

Hair & Makeup Holly Berrera

Special Thanks To Jolie Umstead, Chris Davis, Sara Pearce, Stephen Shallcross & Sawyer & Co.

For more information on the project, please contact Ricky Holm at:

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