COVID-19 Food PAK Fundraiser: Feeding Families in Need

Communities all around the globe are being affected by the outbreak of COVID-19. We are here to raise money and help those in need of food during this crisis.

Our development team, based in Lahore, Pakistan, saw an extreme need within their community to help provide food to those out of work. Similar to the U.S., millions of people in Pakistan are out of work due to a government shutdown and shelter in place order. However, many of these individuals live well below the poverty line surviving on less than $75/month for an entire family

Many of these families are facing extreme difficulty finding food in these times due to low supply and increased prices.  

Our Lahore based team, lead by three very talented young men – Ali, Ahmed and Jameel – saw the problem and wanted to help. 

They were able to locate a flour mill owner and multiple food distributors willing to lend a hand. To date, these three guys have been able to raise enough money and collect enough food to feed over 260 families for a month. 

Man unloading flour from a rickshaw in pakistan during COVID-19 as part of a food donation program

Food is distributed via ‘ratio packs’ including enough raw ingredients to feed a family of four for roughly 30 days.

Each pack includes: 

Food for pakistan COVID-19 fundraiser flour, suger, rice, lentils, salt, chili powder, tea and soap.

$15 = One Raito Pack

One Ratio Pack = 30 Meals (1 Month of Food)

Our goal is to raise $2500 to help support their causeThis money will feed an additional 180 families for a month.  

We know times are tough and everyone is feeling the pitch, but a little here really can go along way. 

To get things started, CM&D has donated $500 to the campaign. 

All donations go straight to the cause. This effort is 100% supported by volunteer time. 

Anything you can do to help, monetary or otherwise, is greatly appreciated!

On behalf of the entire CM&D Team, thank you!


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