Experiencing company services firsthand through the power of interactive 360 video

The days of cardboard pizza and mystery meat sloppy joes are over. Southwest Foodservice Excellence (SFE) is changing the school lunch game for good. With fresh-from-scratch recipes and locally sourced ingredients, SFEs foodservice offerings provide K-12 schools access to healthy, affordable lunch options; helping students to reach their highest potential.


Develop an immersive sales tool that allows potential customers to experience the SFE difference.


Working closely with admins, teachers, students, and chefs, CM&D created a 360° video experience showcasing SFE’s industry-leading food service programs.


An interactive virtual reality sales aid that gives potential customers the opportunity to experience SFEs services firsthand from anywhere in the world.

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Why 360 Video?

Establishing an SFE food service program, at a single school or across an entire district, can be quite a complex process. An operation that can take months or even years to get approved and implemented. One of the key steps in the SFE sales cycle is to take potential customers on a school visit, allowing them to experience the SFE difference firsthand, an activity traditionally done in person. By leveraging the power of 360 video and cutting-edge VR technology, SFE can now easily take potential clients on school tours while remaining safe and socially distant as they do.

SFE – Lia S. Account Manager MODIntelechy

"Thank you for all your hardware on such a thigh timeline! We really enjoyed working with you guys and appreciate your help in bringing the SFE experience to life through VR!"

-Lia S, Account Manager. MODIntelechy (SFE - Agency of Record)
"Thank you for all your hardware on such a thigh timeline! We really enjoyed working with you guys and appreciate your help in bringing the SFE experience to life through VR!" -Lia S, Account Manager. MODIntelechy (SFE - Agency of Record)
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Interactive Storytelling 

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Immersive Brand Strategy

SFE and their agency of record approached CM&D with a solid concept and clear vision but were looking for assistance on how to best bring their story to life in a VR headset. By helping the team locate optimal filming locations, organize the required on-screen talent, and better understand immersive storytelling best practices, the two teams were able to craft a production plan that produced a truly stunning final result.

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Creative Direction

Working closely with the project creative and marketing teams, CM&D then developed two separate shooting and voiceover scripts, laying the foundation for a successful VR shoot. Each script was crafted to align with brand objects as well as highlight the unique aspects of the individual SFE lunch programs to be highlighted during the films. CM&D provided script writing, creative direction during VR filming, and creative oversight throughout the post-production process.

two chefs preparing fresh meals in a school kitchen with a 360 video camera

Immersive Development

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360 Video

With a solid production plan in place and a thoroughly thought out script in hand, the project team had the foundation laid for a truly fantastic VR shoot. Following a docu-style filming approach, the production team filmed at two separate schools over two days working with hundreds of student actors and stand-ins. Special attention was also given to the unique challenges of working with underage talent and adhering to COVID safety protocols while filming at operational schools. CM&D handled all aspects of 360 video production and post-production required to successfully complete the project.

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Distribution Strategy & Development

With post-production nearing completion, CM&D re-engaged the project team to strategize a distribution plan that would allow all their hard work to shine. Helping procure and set up the perfect VR hardware solution, providing event staff training, and developing a custom ‘kiosk mode’ VR application, were just a few of the things CM&D was able to offer to help ensure the final experience drove real value for SFE. The final experience was distributed on Pico G2 4K virtual reality headsets. *Kiosk Mode VR applications ‘lock’ a headset to only work with a brand’s select content, helping provide an easy-to-operate final user experience and reducing unwanted distractions while inside a headset.


SFE Café has become an invaluable asset for SFE’s sales and marketing team. Providing access to a critical sales tool that was otherwise unavailable due to the restrictions of our new ‘socially distance normal’.

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