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Engaging with customers and brand building with 360 video

As the co-working industry continues to grow and new competition enters the market, it’s important for the incumbents to stay relevant and ahead of the game. Capital Factory, a co-working space in Austin, TX, was looking for an innovative way to stand out from their competition and let potential customers know what makes them unique: community.


Create a social media-ready experience that connects with viewers and drives brand awareness within the local market.


Following a story-driven approach, CM&D produced a stunning 360 video experience designed for distribution on the most popular social media platforms.


The final experience became the most viewed piece of content ever produced by Capital Factory and crushed industry average engagement benchmarks.

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Why 360 Video?

With more than 250,000 videos being uploaded to the internet every day, how do you stand out? How do you break through the noise? Research shows that interactive media significantly outperforms flat or passive media in terms of audience engagement, brand and message recall, and is more effective at shifting perceptions when used in the proper context. Giving viewers an inside look at your highly curated co-working space, I can’t think of a better use!

"Ricky and his team are pros! They made it effortless and the final results looks fantastic. Highly recommended."

-Josh Baer, Founder, Capital Factory
"Ricky and his team are pros! They made it effortless and the final results looks fantastic. Highly recommended." -Josh Baer, Founder, Capital Factory

Interactive Storytelling 

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Creative Direction

Working hand-in-hand with Capital Factory, CM&D was able to extract the perfect story elements and assemble an engaging script that played perfectly in a 360 video environment; capturing the unique aspects of the space and community.

Immersive Development

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360 Video Production

CM&D handled all aspects of 360 video production on this project while allowing Capital Factory to remain open and carry on business as usual…Minus one unscheduled donut break! Leveraging professional acting talent along with a large number of background extras, we were able to capture an engaging performance and bring a little life into each scene.


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Distribution Strategy & Development

When it came time to roll out the final experience, CM&D assisted Capital Factory in the development of a social distribution strategy that took advantage of their existing online reputation and communities. In addition, the final plan leveraged each social platform’s unique value proposition optimized for engagement. The debut went off like a charm.



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