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Experience America’s diversity firsthand with VR video

Building on the success of PenPal Schools VR Field Trip to Pakistan, CM&D join forces with the team at PenPal once again to share a unique look into our own country with VR Field Trip USA. PenPal Schools has an amazing network of school teachers and administrators from around the world. One of the most common requests they get is for more subject matter on the United States. What better way to teach children about the diversity of our country than by letting them tour it for themselves!?


Connect students from around the world to explore communities and cultures across the United States through VR Video.


CM&D worked with PenPal Schools to create and execute a robust shooting plan that covered more than eight states and countless communities.


PenPal School’s second VR field trip has given thousands of students around the world the opportunity to explore the United States and learn about the diversity in our country.

Why VR Video?

VR video has the power to transport viewers to another place and time. Research also shows that interactive media (like VR video) significantly outperforms passive media in viewer engagement and in creating presence, aiding in subject comprehension. The perfect opportunity to give students around the globe a ‘digital field trip’ to a highly simplified, yet actually diverse, country.

Mark Danforth

"We chose CM&D based on their ability to work within our budget, their timely and professional communication, their creativity, and their proven track record within the VR video industry. From ideation to execution, CM&D produced exactly what we needed. To date, tens of thousands of students in more than 50 countries have benefited from the work they produced for PenPal Schools."

-Mark Danforth, PenPal Schools. Co-Founder & Chief Learning Officer

Interactive Storytelling 

Immersive Brand Strategy

This being PenPal School’s second project in VR video, it was important that we step up our game and build on what we learned creating VR Field Trip to Pakistan. Through PenPal community feedback and outside research, we discovered users wanted more content shoot inside the classroom and student homes. What is is like to be a student in the US these days?

Creative Direction

Taking what we had learned from our strategy and research sessions, we work with PenPal to create a robust shooting plan that covered more than eight states and more than twelve individual comminutes, including VR video content shot in three separate schools and two student homes.

Immersive Development

VR Video

In addition to handling all VR video production on the project (pre through post), CM&D worked closely with PenPal to secure the required permissions, permits and insurances needed to film in multiple schools during school hours and in two individuals student homes. The final project resulted in more than ninety different scenes shot across eight states.


Distribution Strategy & Development

Similar to VR Field Trip to Pakistan, it was crucial that the final VR videos be accessible to any student in the world regardless of there location or internet speed. CM&D helped PenPal select the proper tools needed to make this a non-issue and prep all content for global distribution.

Immersive Brand Activations

Since the release of PenPal Schools VR Field Trip USA, CM&D has assisted the team with live event support, hardware procurement, custom Google Cardboard orders, project updates and more.



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