National Museum of the Pacific War

Driving sales with VR video

The National Museum of the Pacific War (NMPW) recently underwent a two year, multi-million dollar remodel of their outdoor Living History exhibit. In the years leading up to reopening, the curators of the museum noticed an increasing number of visitors with young children in the museum and surrounding town. With their new exhibit ready for primetime, they knew they had a big opportunity to target this growing customer base.


Engage with a new customer segment and drive excitement for the museum’s reinvigorated Living History live show.


Develop a stunning VR video experience that transported viewers to the front line of the show.


The final experience was one of the most viewed videos ever produced by the museum, shattering industry average engagement stats in the process and helping to sell out every show the following season.

Why VR Video?

VR video has the power to create a sense of presence in the viewer making it feel as if you’re actually there. Want to visit Mars or swim with sharks? No problem! The same thing goes for standing in the middle of a live battlefield during WWII. We gave viewers the opportunity to get a front line look at the magnificent NMPW Living History exhibit. If being in the middle of a WWII battle doesn’t create a bit of excitement, I’m not sure what does?

"This was my first experience doing any VR work, so I had no idea what to expect. Ricky and his team took my concept and put it into action that worked!"

-Brandon Vinyard, Director of Marketing, National Museum of the Pacific War

Interactive Storytelling 

Creative Direction

CM&D partnered with the NMPW’s marketing agency to help flush out the filming script and create a plan to bring the final experience to life. This required multiple trips to the museum’s physical location, coordinating over 30+ extras, working with local historians and dressing up in costume only to be ‘killed’ on camera (seriously, look closely and you’ll see!).

Immersive Development

VR Video

CM&D also providing all crew and equipment necessary to complete the VR video filming portion of this project including a custom camera arrangement, post-production compositing and stitching, and working around live flamethrowers.


Distribution Strategy & Development

This was the NMPW first time working in the VR video space and they wanted to be sure their investment returned good results. CM&D was able to prepare the final assets for distribution across multiple platforms and provide guidance on VR video deployment best practices.



Social Impressions


Local Market Views


Industry Average Engagement Rate

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