Disrupting a legacy industry with VR video

The Dallas Market Center is one of the most complete wholesale trade resources in the world with millions of buyers visiting the location each year. However, with increased pressure from online options and new competitors entering the market, the DMC must stay innovative and keep traffic numbers up. With hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in new amenities and a state-of-the-art innovation center, they were looking for an innovative way to share their story and attract new buyers.


With a new Innovation Center and annual Lightovation show, the Dallas Market Center (DMC) is making waves in an industry ripe for disruption (interior design and lighting). And they were looking for an original way to share their story.


CM&D worked with the DMC to create an engaging VR Video that highlighted the center’s unique attributes and industry-shifting innovations.


The final product was a VR video experience that gave retail buyers around the world an inside look at how the DMC is doing things differently.

Why VR Video?

The DMC is bringing innovation to an industry stuck on the staus-quo, and they wanted to tell their story on a medium that represented that ethos. They felt the only way to truly communicate their modernity was to transport industry vets to their annual Lightovation show. The perfect job for VR video.

Laura Van Zeyl

"WOW! Thank you! This is really going to set us apart for new audiences and exhibitor prospects. Very exciting!"

-Laura Van Zeyl, VP of Lighting Technology Development & Marketing, Dallas Market Center

Interactive Storytelling 

Creative Direction

The DMC is over two million square feet and features hundreds of different brands servicing clients across multiple industries. Working closely with their marketing agency, CM&D was able to craft a shooting plan, cast the perfect talent and write an engaging script that captivated their audience and gave viewers a true sense and scale of their enterprise.

Immersive Development

VR Video

CM&D provided all of the services required to successfully complete the VR video production portion of this project including, location scouting, talent casting, VR video capture and crew, stitching, editing, color correction and sound design. In other words, all the things.


Distribution Strategy & Development

The DMC wanted to use their new VR video experience to engage with buyers and brand representatives both onsite at the DMC and remotely at sales engagements. CM&D was able to help their marketing team put a plan in place that allowed for just that!

Immersive Brand Activations

To help ensure the DMC had all the tools needed for a successful deployment of their new experience, CM&D assisted with hardware procurement, setup and team training, development of event support materials, event staffing and prepared multiple versions of the final VR video to be used on different platforms.

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